US Political Insights on Gen Z

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With the 2024 elections fast approaching, Opinium took a closer look at the youngest generation of voters. 41 million members of Gen Z will be eligible to vote in 2024, but high levels of mistrust towards both major political parties make it harder for Gen Zers to feel engaged in US politics.

Despite this disengagement, Gen Z cares deeply about issues including inflation, economic inequality, and women’s rights, and a third of Gen Zers participate in advocacy and activism for issues they care about. 

Key stats from the research:

  • The parties are slipping with younger voters with only four in ten Gen Zers strongly identifying with their political party.
  • Gen Z rallies around certain issues but partisanship is still at play – overall, Gen Z believes the top three issues facing the country are inflation and the economy (29%), economic inequality (22%), and abortion/women’s rights (17%).
  • Gen Z has especially low trust in the Supreme Court and the police with slightly over a quarter (27%) of Gen Z not trusting the Supreme Court at all and only a quarter (26%) of Gen Z trust the police completely or a lot.
  • Young Americans are more likely to avoid engaging with political media coverage.
  • Gen Zers trust the Democratic Party more than the Republican Party, but high levels of mistrust abound.

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