The Last Round? How To Engage the Next Generation of Mindful Drinkers

Gen Z is widely characterised as the most puritanical generation of young adults since the 1950’s, eschewing the experimentation of their predecessors. If their drinking culture is breaking down, this raises a sobering question for the alcohol industry: what will the bars and brands of the future have to evolve into to appeal to this new customer?

To help find an answer, we partnered with Red Brick Road to commission new research with Bar Goers and Bar Managers throughout the UK. Informed by online pop-up communities, quantitative surveys and in-depth interviews with experts, our report examines the Gen Z attitudes that are driving drinking behaviour, how this is already impacting the alcohol trade, and what opportunities lay ahead.

Some of the key trends from the research include:

    • Performance over partying – 75% of Gen Z feel it is important to be in control of all aspects of their life at all times (vs 49% of Gen Y/X)
    • Holistic health awareness – 83% of Gen Z feel that mental health is just an important consideration as their physical health (vs 47% of Gen Y/X)
    • Prioritising pageantry over alcohol percentage – 69% of bar managers report an increased demand for cocktails over the last 5 years and 72% report greater consumption of premium drinks
    • The rise of DIY bartending and ‘stay-in socialising’ – 91% of bar managers claim it is important that bars offer an experience that cannot be replicated at home
    • Prepare setting to be phone-friendly – 71% of bar managers say their bars have to be unique these days to attract customers, often capitalising on an Instagramable feature wall

If you would like further insights or to read the full report, please email or read more here.