Road rage: reality for a fifth of drivers

Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of BigChange has found that one-in-five (20%) drivers experience road rage at least once a week while 6% get it every day.

The group most affected by road range are the 18-24-year olds with a staggering 42% admitting getting angry at the wheel every single day.

The story continues for drivers aged 35-54, and 55+ with 20 and 6 percent respectively admitting to experiencing road rage on a weekly basis. Despite the clear statistical difference in the extent to which different age groups experience road rage, it is an issue that can potentially affect anyone.

Worth highlighting is that female drivers were more likely to experience road rage than men with more than a quarter (27%) of women who drive regularly for work, admitted to getting road rage at least once a week, compared to less than a fifth (18%) of men.

The survey conducted by Opinium was published as part of the Leaders for Live campaign, designed to help business leaders promote safer driving at work. Work-related stress carried on behind the wheel may result in a more erratic driving, anger and impatience which all can lead to inappropriate driving behaviour cause potential harm not only to the driver but, also everyone around.†

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