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UK: Where are we on Brexit?

With the end of the transition period little more than three months away, we decided to take a detailed look at where public opinion has moved to on Brexit. We also look at what this means for the two party leaders as we move into what could be another fractious political period with the potential collapse of the trade deal negotiations with the EU.

  • Approval of Boris Johnson’s handling of Brexit is in negative territory (42% disapprove vs 32% approve), down from last year predominantly due to a decline in active approval of his approach from Leave voters.  
  • The dynamics between Labour and the Conservatives is now totally different to last year as Keir Starmer has vastly better ratings on Brexit than Corbyn across the political spectrum.
  • The government should be wary of picking a fight over its own Brexit deal, as belief that Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement is a good deal has declined since last year (from 25% in October to 13% this month).
  • As most voters of all stripes think that leaving without a trade deal is likely at the end of this year, the best outcome for the prime minister is to achieve one against the odds, rather than being blamed as the cause of the failure in negotiations by the opposition.
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