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UK: Voting intention – 23rd September

Labour have moved into the lead for the first time during Johnson’s premiership

For the first time in this parliament, and for the first time since Boris Johnson became prime minister, Labour has a lead over the Conservatives. Labour is on 42%, up 3 points from a fortnight ago, while the Conservatives are on 39%, down 3 points, giving Labour a 3-point lead.

The Lib Dems have seen no appreciable bounce form the announcement of their new leader – they are on 5%, down 1 point from a fortnight ago.

Starmer helps build up Labour as a government in waiting

Just under half (46%) have a more positive opinion of the Labour Party since Keir Starmer became leader. This includes 45% of those in seats the Conservatives gained at the last election.

When we asked those who say they have a more positive view of Labour party why that was, common responses included the change in leadership and Starmer being a better, competent and credible leader, and labour’s policies being more realistic.

Now 55% can imagine Keir Starmer being prime minister, up slightly from 52% in July. Only 28% cannot imagine him being prime minister, down sightly from 30% in July.

More strikingly, and importantly, he seems to have improved opinion of the Labour Party. Now 40% think that the party is ready to form the next government, while 42% think they are not. However, this is much improved on July, when only 36% thought Labour was ready to form the next government while 47% thought they were not.

You can find the full report here.

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