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US: Presidential polling – Biden leads by 14 points in final poll

Opinium and Guardian US final national US poll of this electoral cycle reveals that Joe Biden has a 14-point lead over Donald Trump, with Biden taking 55% of the popular vote and Donald Trump taking 41%.

The poll suggests that Biden’s lead is a result of his ability to attract swing voters (those who consider themselves in the political ‘middle’ and don’t identify as Republicans or Democrats) as well as some of those who didn’t vote in 2016.

Three fifths (60%) of likely voters who voted for a candidate other than Trump or Clinton in 2016 and 56% of likely voters who consider themselves politically ‘neutral’ (neither Republicans nor Democrats) plan to vote for Biden this year.

A smaller percentage (10%) who voted for Trump in 2016 have switched their vote to support Biden this year. However, Trump has proved himself among some 2016 Democratic voters, with 5% of those who voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016 planning to vote for the Republican candidate this time around

In the six key issues which were asked to all respondents, President Trump is tied with Joe Biden on handling the economy (with decimal points accounting for the difference in the chart) while Biden holds leads on other aspects of the economy as well as healthcare which is rated as important by more voters.

Trump’s approval rating remains negative with 39% of all Americans approving and 50% disapproving. The comparative figure for Biden is more positive.

National poll – full data tables here;

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