Polling Results

UK: Voting intention – 8th July 2021

Conservatives hold an eight-point lead

Headline: The Conservatives retain their eight-point lead, unchanged from two weeks ago. The Tories are on 43% (unchanged), with Labour on 35% (unchanged), the Lib Dems on 6% (-1), and the Greens on 6% (+1).

Johnson’s job approval is -8, with 37% approving (-3) and 45% disapproving (+1). Starmer’s job approval is -7, with 29% approving (-2) and 36% disapproving (-3).

Covid update:

Net approval of government’s Covid handling sits at -6%, the lowest approval level of the government’s Covid handling since late February. Half of (50%) UK adults think the lifting of restrictions should be postponed beyond July 19th, while a third (31%) think it should go ahead as planned and only 10% think it should have happened earlier. The public generally think mask wearing should continue to be compulsory after July 19th. In particular 73% think it should continue to be mandatory on public transport.

Data tables are available here, and read more in our political report here

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