Polling Results

UK: Voting intention – 10th June 2021

Conservatives hold a 9 point lead

The Conservatives hold a 9-point lead, on 43% (+1) to Labour’s 34% (-2). The Lib Dems are on 6% (no change) with the Greens on 7% (+2).

Johnson’s job approval is now -2, with 41% approving and 43% disapproving. This is a slight improvement on his score of -5 two weeks ago. Starmer’s job approval is now -10, with 28% approving and 38% disapproving. This is pretty much unchanged from -9 two weeks ago.

People are now supportive of postponing the June 21st unlocking. 54% think it should be postponed (up from 43% two weeks ago), with just 37% think it should go ahead as planned or be earlier (down from 44% two weeks ago). There is an age divide on the question, with young people divided (45% postpone / 46% go ahead a planned or earlier) compared to large majorities in favour of postponing among the old (65% in favour of postponing / 28% in favour of going ahead as planned or earlier).

Data tables are available here.

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