Polling Results

UK: Voting intention – 19th August 2021

Conservative lead slashed to 3 points

The Conservative lead falls from seven points a fortnight ago to three points this week. The Conservatives are now on 39% (-3), with Labour on 36% (+1), the Lib Dems on 8% (+1) and the Greens on 6% (+1).

Just under half (48%) think it was a wrong decision for the US to end its military involvement in Afghanistan. Half (51%) think it was the right decision for NATO to have invaded Afghanistan in 2001; 32% think it was the right decision but think NATO have stayed until they were no longer needed, while only 9% think it is right for them to have left when they did, and 10% think they should have left before they did. A small minority (20%) think it was wrong for NATO to have invaded when they did.

Data tables are available here, and read more in our political report here

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