Polling Results

UK: Voting intention – 14th May 2021

Labour woes propel Conservatives to 13 point lead

After tightening to a 5 point lead in our final national poll before the local elections, the Conservatives have 44% of the vote (+2) vs. 31% (-6) for Labour.

Con 44% Lab 31%

The movements we saw in our last poll for the two main party leaders (positive news for Keir Starmer, negative for Boris Johnson) have gone into reverse this week. Johnson’s approval has gone from 37% to 43% while disapproval has gone from 43% to 37%. Keir Starmer has seen a sharp reversal, falling from net +8% (38% approving, 30% disapproving) to net -11% (28% approve, 39% disapprove), his worst approval rating with Opinium since becoming Labour leader.

Similarly, after almost closing the gap with Johnson on the best prime minister question (32% Johnson, 29% Starmer), this week the Labour leader has fallen below “none of these”. 40% choose Boris Johnson vs. 23% for Keir Starmer and 24% for “none of these”.

The government’s run of positive pandemic approval continues, with the most positive net figure since May 2020.

Full report is available here and data tables are available here.

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