Polling Results

UK: Scottish Parliament voting intention – 1 April 2021

Sturgeon and the SNP further their popularity in Scotland, and would be likely to gain a majority at this stage

Opinium’s latest polling reveals the SNP currently has a majority in the latest voting intention. In the constituencies vote, the SNP is up +7 points since the last poll, with 53% of the vote share, while the Conservatives have 21% (-3) and Labour have 18% (-2).

In the regional vote, SNP have 44% (+2), while the Tories are on 22% (no change), and Labour are on 17% (-2). Alex Salmond’s Alba party is polling at just 2%.

Opinion on an independent referendum remains divided, with 51% stating they would vote yes, while 49% would vote no.

Constituency vote

For this wave we have removed the Greens from list of options prompted for in the constituency vote, to align with the candidates standing in individual constituencies.

Regional List

Please find the full data tables here.

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