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UK: 2021 Annual Survey on Foreign Policy and Global Britain

The British Foreign Policy Group’s (BFPG) and Opinium’s major new report, the 2021 Annual Survey of UK Public Opinion on Foreign Policy and Global Britain, is the most comprehensive survey ever undertaken of UK public opinion on foreign policy.

The survey finds that Britons’ foreign policy attitudes are evolving dynamically in the aftermath of Britain’s departure from the European Union and in the wake of the seismic global coronavirus pandemic. Ahead of the imminent publication of the Government’s Integrated Review of the UK’s Defence, Security, Development and Foreign Policy, the report maps a polarised nation, where international attitudes are increasingly cleaving onto domestic social and political identities.

This survey was conducted by Opinium as the BFPG’s research partners, with fieldwork taking place on 6-7 January 2021 (sample of 2,002 UK adults, weighted to be nationally representative). The BFPG-Opinium survey is an ongoing partnership, pioneering quantitative research on foreign policy in the United Kingdom.

Find out more about the report at the BFPG.

Email political@opinium.com for more insights as the year progresses.

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