Polling Results

UK: Public opinion on coronavirus – 5th May

Government response to Coronavirus

In the week that saw the UK become the country with the highest Coronavirus death toll in Europe, our latest poll shows the public now believe the UK Government has handled the crisis worse than every country asked about, apart from the United States.

Three in ten think the UK has handled the situation worse than Italy (29%) and Spain (also 29%). Two weeks ago, the public believed the UK Government had dealt with the situation better than both Italy and Spain. Over half (52%) believe Germany has responded in a better way.

A small majority (54%) believe the UK has handled the crisis better than the US.

Little appetite to lift lockdown measures

As the public eagerly awaits Boris Johnson’s update on lockdown this Sunday, the majority are still cautious about re-opening public places. Fewer than one in ten think schools (8%), offices (8%) and non-essential shops (9%) should re-open this weekend.

Similarly, even if some restrictions were lifted tomorrow, people remain very uncomfortable at the idea of eating in restaurants (60% vs. 27% who would be comfortable), taking public transport (59% uncomfortable vs. 20% comfortable for bus travel) or going to a pub (58% uncomfortable vs. 25% comfortable). The only place where the “comfortable” figure approaches the “uncomfortable” figure is working in offices which likely reflects the degree of trust workers have that their employers would not put their safety at risk (30% comfortable, 36% uncomfortable).

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