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Main reason for not voting for various parties 

In the 2019 General election, the Conservatives won their biggest majority since 1987 with Labour losing seats they had previously held for many years in the Midlands and the North.

In our day of poll survey, which asked people how they voted on election day itself, we looked into the main reasons voter defected from the three main UK wide parties. Respondents were asked to pick their one main factor.

Our initial analysis focused on Labour as they were the party to lose the most seats in this election. Labour defectors selected leadership (37%) as the main reason they did not vote for Labour. A further 21% said it was Labour’s Brexit stance that stopped that from voting Labour this time around. 

This election saw the Conservative Party attract a lot of Labour defectors. Labour defectors to the Conservative Party said Labour’s leadership (45%) was the main reason they did not vote for them , while 31% said Labour’s Brexit stance put them off voting for the party. 

Meanwhile, for Conservative defectors, the party’s Brexit stance was the main reason to not vote for them (38%). A further quarter (26%) stated that the leadership was the main reason.

Liberal Democrat defectors cited their Brexit stance (33%) as the main reason for not voting for the party. For a further 11% it was the leadership that stopped them from voting for them.


Q7-Q9 on our day of poll asked respondents who did not vote for Labour, the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives, why that was. The data for those questions can be found in the link below. We are still carrying out analysis on our day of poll- the full set of tables and detailed report will be released in the first half of January.

See the full data tables here

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