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Political Polling ? 30th May 2017

The Conservative poll lead continues to drop, this time by a further four points, with the party now 6 points ahead of Labour, down from 19 at the start of the campaign.

The Conservatives are on 43% (down 2 points from last week), while Labour are on 37% (up 2 points).

UKIP remains in fourth place on 5% (unchanged), with the Lib Dems slip slightly on 6% (down 1 point).

Theresa May?s approval ratings have continued to drop from last week (down from +11% to +6%), while Jeremy Corbyn?s hold relatively steady on -12%.

Over two in five (42%) think that Theresa May would be the best prime minister. On the other hand 26% say Jeremy Corbyn would make the best prime minister. This is very different from the first poll of the campaign where 49% thought Mrs May would make the best PM and only 14% said Jeremy Corbyn would.

Similarly, at the start of the campaign, 44% said they were satisfied with Mrs May, while 16% were dissatisfied with Theresa May, but prefer her to Jeremy Corbyn. Only 20% said they preferred Mr Corbyn. However, the proportion who are satisfied with Mrs May and the proportion that prefer Mr Corbyn are now relatively similar (34% vs 33% respectively).

Labour has gained some traction on Brexit. While the Tories have retained the sizeable proportion that trusted them most to lead the Brexit negotiations (38%), the proportion that trust Labour has risen from 13% to 19% during the course of the campaign.

At the beginning of the campaign Remainers were divided about the way Theresa May was handling the Brexit process, but now they are on balance disapproving (50% disapprove vs 31% approve).

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