Polling Results

Political Polling 27th November 2019

The Conservatives lead drops to 15 points

The Conservative lead has dropped from to 15 points from 19 last week. The Conservatives are down 1 point to 46%, while Labour have gained 3 points to 31% of the vote share.

The Liberal Democrats meanwhile are up 1 point to 13%, while the Brexit Party are down 1 point to 2%.

As with last week, we have accounted for the release of nominations in each seat, so that respondents now only see the parties that are standing in their seat when answering who they will vote for.

Tories continue their monopolisation of Leavers

Tories continue their monopolisation of Leavers The Leave vote continues to coalesce behind the Conservative party, with the party holding 76% of the Leave vote share, up 1 point from last week. Labour have seen a small increase in the last week, gaining 3 points to hold 14% of the Leave vote share. Meanwhile, the Brexit party is down 3 points to an all-time low for the party of 3% of the Leave vote share.

Labour continues to slowly gain more of the Remain vote, up 1 point to 47%. However, the Remain vote continues to show no sign of decisively uniting behind one party, with the Lib Dem remain vote share remaining steady at 25%.

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