Polling Results

Political Polling 26th September 2018

Conservatives†take a 3-point lead in the polls

The Conservatives have gained a 3-point lead over Labour despite a strong showing by Jeremy Corbyn?s party at their conference this week.

Opinium?s Weekly Conference Tracker shows support for Labour fell by 3 points following the conference, while the Conservatives gained 2 points.†

The decrease in votes for Labour is primarily a result of losing favour amongst Remainers in the last week ? with support falling from 53% last week to 50% this week.

†Leader Approval Ratings

However, Jeremy Corbyn?s rousing performance in Liverpool served some personal success, and his net approval rating marginally increased from -21% last week to -18% this week.

Labour’s readiness for government

Despite Corbyn stating this week that Labour are ready for government, this is not what most of the public think. Labor’s ratings are either the same or a little it worse than this time last year.†


  • 57% can’t imagine Corbyn as Prime Minister (up from 55% in June 2017)
  • t

  • 56% don’t think the Labour Party is read to form the next government (up from 55% last year)


A public vote on the Brexit deal

If a public vote was held after a Brexit deal was agreed, 39% of the public think that the options on the ballot paper should be between leaving on the terms of the exit deal vs. leaving the EU without a deal, rising to 63% of Conservative voters.


  • The Labour Party Conference was dominated with conversations about holding a People?s vote with different views on what the options in the vote should be. Twice as many Labour voters think that the options in a public vote should be between leaving on the agreed deal and remaining in the EU, compared to leaving on the agreed deal and leaving the EU without a deal (50% vs 25% respectively).


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