Polling Results

Political Polling – 17th May 2016

17th May 2016

The last poll, conducted at the end of April, gave the Remain campaign a lead of only one points, suggesting that there has been continued movement towards Remain over the last couple of months.This has primarily been due to the leaders of the three main centre-ground parties persuading their own voters to side with staying in the EU.However, for the Conservative Party this has come at a cost. Although there has been some movement amongst Conservative voters, the widening lead for Remain amongst Tories is partially due to Conservative Outers shifting to UKIP since our last poll.

Voting intention – all parties

The Conservatives, on 35%, have a five-point lead over the Labour Party on 30%.UKIP are in third with 18%.

Liberal Democrats5
Plaid Cymru1

Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 2,008 UK adults aged 18+ from 17th to 19th May 2016. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.

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