Polling Results

Political Polling 15th January 2020

Conservatives hold a 17 point lead in our first post-election poll

Following the general election last month, the Conservatives are continuing to cement their position with a 17-point lead over Labour. The Conservatives hold 47% of the vote share, while Labour’s vote share sits on 30%.


Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats hold 9% of the vote share

Perceptions of the Conservatives and Johnson.

As the Conservatives bask in the afterglow of such a resounding victory, 42% of voters say they believe Johnson is doing a better job as Prime Minister then they expected when he first took on the job. A third (33%) say he is performing badly, as expected, or worse than they expected. Further to this, two in five (39%) say their opinion of Johnson has become more positive since the general election.


Tables and report

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