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Political Polling 13th December 2018

The Conservatives regain some ground to reduce Labour?s lead from 3-points to one.

The Conservatives have increased 2 points since last month, mainly at UKIP?s expense, with Labour holding steady on 39%.

†Leader Approval Ratings

Both Theresa May?s (-20%) and Jeremy Corbyn?s (-24%) net approval ratings have remained consistent with last month.

Theresa May?s lead over Jeremy Corbyn on who would make the best prime minister has remained relatively steady at 8 points (30% for May vs 22% for Jeremy Corbyn).

Theresa May still seen as better than Jeremy Corbyn

Approval for the way Theresa May has handled Brexit is low but ever so slightly higher than last month: UK adults disapprove of the way she has handled Brexit by two-to-one (53% disapprove vs 28% approve).


  • Conservative Remainers are getting behind the prime minister: 60% approve of the way she has handled Brexit, up from 53% last month.
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  • However, Conservative Leavers are moving against the prime minister: 47% disapprove of the way she has handled Brexit, up from 42% last month.

The plus side for Theresa May is that Jeremy Corbyn?s response on Brexit has been rated even worse by UK adults, and this is dropping. This month only 16% approve vs 55% disapprove (last month 19% approved vs 50% disapproved).


  • Neither Labour Remainers nor Labour Leavers strongly approve of Jeremy Corbyn?s response on Brexit.

Prime Minister seen as more brave and decisive than before

Almost half (47%) of voters now see Theresa May has brave, up from 43% in October. Similarly, 41% now see the prime minister as decisive, the highest since the election last year.

47% now also see Theresa May as someone that sticks to their principles, the highest figure recorded for her, even from before the general election.

But the Tories are damaged and appear deeply divided, with 69% now believing the Conservative Party is divided, up from 54% in October. Almost two thirds (64%) of 2017 Conservatives think the party is divided.


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