Polling Results

Political Polling 12th September 2017

The Conservatives and Labour are neck and neck for the first time since the general election.

The Tories have risen by one point since last month, while Labour has dropped two points, to put both parties on 41%.

Leader Approval Ratings

Theresa May?s personal ratings continue to slowly improve while Jeremy Corbyn?s steadily decline. Theresa May?s approval rating may still be in negative territory (-11%), but it has improved by six points since last month when she was on -17%. Conversely, Jeremy Corbyn?s net ratings have slipped from -5 to -7%.


The pattern remains steady in the wake of the general election, with 34% trusting the Conservatives most to lead the negotiations with the European Union, with Labour lagging on 23%.

Public approval of how Theresa May is handling Brexit has improved over the past month, with her net rating improving from -19% to -12%. Now 30% approve of the way she is handling Brexit and 42% disapprove.

The division remains starkly along EU Referendum lines with 44% of Leavers approving of the way she is handling Brexit and 58% of Remainers disapproving of the way she is handling it.

See tables here.

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