Polling Results

Only 11% of the British public think the current Brexit withdrawal deal is good for the UK

Ahead of Tuesday?s meaningful vote, research from Opinium shows more than half of the British public (52%) believe a better Brexit deal could have been† achieved.

Just one in ten (11%) think the withdrawal deal May has reached with the EU is good for the UK, while 50% of the public think it is a bad deal for the UK. To add further woe to the Conservatives, two thirds (63%) of those who think it is a bad deal blame May and the government for this, while 22% blame the EU, Michel Barnier and other European politicians and leaders.

Would a People?s Vote change anything?

Although unlikely, a People?s Vote is not out of the question, and faced with the prospect of leaving the EU on the current deal or remaining, 45% state they would vote to remain, while 33% would vote to leave. However, over half (56%) believe that if such a referendum was held, the Government would simply be trying to get the public to vote again until they reach the ?right answer?.

Meanwhile three-fifths (60%) think the question of whether to remain or leave the EU has been settled, and the only question that needs answering is ?how? Britain leaves.


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