Polling Results

Introducing Britain’s four foreign policy tribes

The British Foreign Policy Group and Opinium jointly lead an annual survey into UK Public Opinion on Foreign Policy and Global Britain – a vital piece of social research to understanding the complex, evolving nature of public attitudes towards international affairs.

The 2021 survey produced the most comprehensive dataset of British public opinion on foreign policy. To bring the results to life, Opinium and the BFPG have worked together to segment the UK population into four foreign policy ‘tribes’ across the full spectrum of public opinion.

The segmentation demonstrates both the important areas of convergence and divergence in public opinion on international affairs, as well as helping to quantify the electoral power of each of the tribes. The findings reveal a deeply polarised nation, but with important pathways to unity and consensus, which must be harnessed as the UK seeks to become ‘a truly Global Britain’.

Explore the tribes in this presentation here.

Find out more and read the full report on the British Foreign Policy Group’s website here.

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