Public sector workers

Only 7% of public sector workers feel ?empowered?

We found that only 7% of public sector workers (including both middle managers and skilled workers) consider their workplace to be empowering. Nearly half (47%) think their leadership team lacks the management skills needed for a period of massive and accelerating change, and three in ten (30%) said a lack of clear leadership and direction was holding the sector back from effective change.Furthermore, a quarter (25%) think their current leadership team is not able to effectively lead the team over the next decade. Two thirds (66%) say this is because leadership only cares about how they are perceived, and does not care for their employees.

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Teaching MathsOpinium carried out 276 online interviews with UK adults that work in the public sector, in middle management or below Fieldwork was carried out from the 30th December 2015 to 4th January 2016.