Perspectives on the climate crisis through COVID-19

To better understand how COVID-19 will impact our lives, behaviours and values long-term, we partnered with Lansons to produce ‘Life after COVID-19’, a series of reports across many different aspects of UK society. ‘Perspectives on the climate crisis through COVID-19’ aims to provide valuable insight on how the pandemic has impacted consumer attitudes to the environment.

This report has five key insights that business and brand leaders should have front of mind when reviewing their sustainability strategy and narrative for customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. It revealed these key findings:

  1. Pandemic highlights generational divide in the fight against climate change
  2. Crisis-weary consumers demand a sustainable, green financial sector
  3. Britain’s ‘shame’ as the virus exposes the damage we do to the planet
  4. People want businesses to play a bigger role in tackling climate change
  5. Economic survival cannot be ‘at expense’ of the planet
Read the full report here: