Opinium short listed for “Pollster of the Year” award

Opinium short listed for “Pollster of the Year” award

As a newcomer to the public opinion arena, Opinium has led in innovate new research methodologies which have a wide-ranging impact in the public and academic space worldwide.

We have certainly demonstrated that a new entrant can make a significant contribution in this field. Here is a short summary of what we have been up to in recent months…

The London School of Economics Political Research Work

Opinium’s political, social and economic market research services team has been working with the Department of Government on cutting edge academic studies in the UK, USA, Europe and Australasia encompassing public opinion and voting psychology.
The largest being a 27-country study into the complex realms of European Identity and is being published as an academic book championing the subject.

Another study, ?Inside the Mind of Voters?, tracks voter?s opinions pre- and post-elections in the UK, Australia, Sweden, USA, Poland, France, Italy and Germany.

We have committed to opinion studies for the next local elections in the UK and New Zealand too.

The Asia Europe Foundation

We are working with the foundation to understand how Europeans relate to Asian countries by promoting greater mutual understanding through intellectual, cultural and people-to-people exchanges.

Voting Intent ? UK General Election 2010

Opinium joined the political polling elite, after stress-testing its robust methodology throughout 2009 and teaming up with the Daily Express Newspaper to monitor voting intent leading up to the 2010 General Election. The weekly poll was the first foray into political polling for both parties and immediately contributed to an insightful Election with Opinium being the first to correctly identify a hung parliament and finishing within 2.5% of the final outcome. Our research method is the only one to have been validated by Dr. Michael Bruter, Senior Lecturer in Political Science and European Politics, LSE. We continue to monitor voting intent in the UK and our relationship with Express also involves opinion studies into public opinion on issues such as immigration, budgets and coalition performance.

You can view all of our 2010 General Election results here.

We feel that these areas are significant contributions to the world of public insight and opinion in policy and politics. Our work helps drive public insight and opinion in key policy and political issues not only in the UK, but worldwide.

We’ll keep you updated on how we get on at the awards!