UK Investor Omnibus

UK Investor Omnibus

Keep your finger on the pulse of what UK Investors, think, feel and do with our Investor Omnibus

The Investor Omnibus offers a fast and cost-efficient way to hear the views of investors with significant investable assets.


  • A clear overview

    1,000 UK investors including: 75% with £25,000+ in investable assets, 50% with £100,000+ in investable assets and 25% with £250,000+ in investable assets

  • Built-in cross-breaks

    Cut the data by age, gender, region, value of investable assets, investment products, level of investment experience and advised or non-advised

Costs and timings

Cost-efficient research

Questions on the Investor Omnibus cost £400 (+VAT) each, with a minimum of 5 questions per study.

Fast turnaround insights

5-day turnaround from questionnaire sign-off to data delivery.


  • Questionnaire design and brainstorming

    Working closely with you to maximise the impact and return on investment of the research

  • Formatted data tables

    Easy-to-read data tables with unlimited custom cross-breaks

  • Topline report

    A written report drawing out the key results and insights

  • Press release checking

    Ensuring the accuracy of all published materials (if required)