New Year’s resolutions: living sustainably tops weight loss and getting fit

Our survey, conducted on behalf of, found that sustainability is clearly on Brit’s minds as they are making their New Year’s resolutions this year, with two fifths of Brits (41%) having made new year’s resolutions aimed at easing the pressure on the environment, and living more sustainably. This equates to 21 million Brits aiming to make sustainable lifestyle changes in 2020.

A fifth, 22% of Brits aim to use less plastic in 2020, with recycling more and aiming to be more sustainable also prominent as top New Year’s resolutions (18% and 14% respectively). Almost one in ten (8%) intend to only buy second-hand items throughout 2020 in an attempt to reduce waste, and subsequently saving a lot of money, no doubt!

Londoners and East Midland residents are leading the way for this trend towards sustainable New Years resolutions, with over half the respondents from these areas (53% and 52%) expressing their sustainable resolutions.

Others are planning to start volunteering or volunteer more (6%), with this increasing to 11% amongst those aged 25 – 34.

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Photo credit: Gavin Whitner.