My Opinium: dynamic, innovative and unique

Moving to the best place to work…

Wez Eathorne – Research Director

Since joining Opinium in May 2017 I’d describe the agency as ‘dynamic, innovative and unique’ – as such a fast growing agency I had expected a dynamic work environment but even with this expectation the energy and enthusiasm of the entire team has impressed.

What I think makes Opinium so unique and such a great place to work, is the diverse experience and skills of the team, spanning thought-leadership, product & service and brand & communications, this diversity results in a melting pot of talent and experience. This also means that the company has a unique learning culture with everyone from Interns to Research Directors learning something new every single day.

The projects that we work on are varied and interesting; the most recent project I worked on was fascinating as it involved seamless integration of Qual and Quant methodologies for a major brand. I was particularly excited by the depth of insight available via our innovative pop-up communities. This technique allowed us to cover multiple objectives, from online purchase behaviour and proposition development to brand and category attitudes. The video responses proved particularly powerful enabling us to bring the consumer directly into the boardroom.

The energy and culture of learning is key to my own personal growth. The diversity of experience and project types is also unique to Opinium, this means no project is the same as the last as we tailor each study to the specific needs of each client and this ensures you learn something new with each experience.