Most Connected Brands 2020 – Kellogg’s (15th)

The champion of breakfast

The kings of breakfast time, who families all over the country wake up to every day have smashed into the Top 20. Kellogg’s has risen 9 places from our 2019 ranking to 15th in 2020.

The strength of the Kellogg’s brand is the consistent mass appeal, the brand features in the top 20 across nearly all of our diagnostic metrics. The key strength is of course the emotional connection that the brand has with consumers and is similar to other heritage FMCG brands such as Cadbury, Heinz and Walkers, with Kellogg’s ranking seventh overall on that measure. The brand evokes a strong emotional reaction stirring positive emotions such as happiness, love, belonging and comfort.

The strengthening of Kellogg’s consumer connection has been successfully achieved by a very commendable improvement across 3 of the 4 key pillars of the Connected Brands Framework.

This achievement is even more admirable when there has been reduction in advertising spend from 2018 to 2019 behind core Kellogg’s cereal brands.

Kellogg’s have worked their portfolio moving focus of activity from Corn flakes in 2018 to Crunchy Nut in 2019. Backed by a continuation of the cheeky “They taste too good” campaign featuring executions specifically targeting the next generation of cereal buyers, such as the dating app breakfast themed ad. Alongside family favourites such as Rice Krispies, the largest share of spend is still given to Special K as the brand continues to ensure it offers something for everyone.

The mass appeal of the brand shines through in terms of the high rating received for being an iconic brand, meeting consumer needs as well as being a brand that consumers can’t live without.

As the Kellogg’s range expands to offer more and more healthier options the brand has also focussed of operating ethically and this has not gone unnoticed by consumers as Kellogg’s is rated 19th overall in terms of putting people before profits. The organisation has a number of initiatives focussing on both people and the planet, such as educating on the nourishment in food, helping to feed those in need and nurturing the planet through responsibly sourced ingredients, reducing packaging and food waste.

Kellogg’s has also been named to the FTSE4Good Sustainability index. This highly regarded barometer evaluates on a number of environmental, social and governance factors and serve as independent validation of the organisations corporate responsibility effort. Kellogg’s have also been named to Ethisphere’s annual list of World’s Most Ethical Companies and Forbes’ list of the world’s most reputable companies.

Food production and the impact on planet will continue to become more important across the globe. Kellogg’s have certainly taken this to its core and through innovation and staying close to consumer consumption trends the brand that first entered the UK in 1922 remains a family favourite and a staple on most breakfast tables in 2020.

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