Menstrual Sustainability

What a Bloody Waste: Exploring Attitudes Towards Sustainable Menstrual Products.

Did you know that UK women significantly underestimate the environmental impact of disposable menstrual products? While many are aware of sustainable options like menstrual cups and period underwear, actual usage is still pretty low.

There’s a huge opportunity for brands to step up. By addressing these barriers through targeted education, better pricing, and improving product convenience, we can drive a shift towards more sustainable menstrual practices.

Our latest research reveals some interesting insights: 

  • Younger women (18-34) are more open to trying sustainable products, but cost and convenience are big barriers. 
  • High awareness doesn’t always mean high adoption. For example, while 91% have heard of menstrual cups, only 22% use them. 
  • Plastic-free menstrual products have the highest interest, despite lower awareness.

So, what’s stopping women from making the switch? Read the full report below to find out.

Written by Megan Kelsall, Junior Research Executive at Opinium.