Khan increases lead in final week

Khan increases his poll lead in final week

On first preferences, the Labour candidate is in the lead with 48% vs. 35% for Conservative Zac Goldsmith.This improvement is continued by movement in his favour amongst second preference votes, giving Mr Khan a lead of 14 points in the final round (57% for Khan vs. 43% for Goldsmith).Zac’s lead in suburbs ebbs awayIn our latest poll, Mr Khan’s large lead in Inner London has held firm, and he is now on 71% of the vote.However, Zac Goldsmith’s lead in Outer London in our April poll has withered away to an effective dead heat this week (51% for Goldsmith vs. 49% for Khan). It is this which has given Sadiq Khan his 14-point lead across London once second preferences are taken into account.The key issuesIn the run up to the final week of the campaign, 52% said that housing was one of the most important to them and their family, followed by reducing crime (44%) and public transport fares (34%).On all of the top five issues Sadiq Khan was trusted by more Londoners than Zac Goldsmith. On the single most important issue of the campaign – housing – Mr Khan had a sizeable lead over Mr Goldsmith (32% vs 18% respectively).Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 1,004 London adults aged 18+ from 26th April to 1st May 2016. Results have been weighted to representative criteria to fit the profile of all London adults.