Increase in Internet Holiday Bookings

68% of consumers globally now book their travel online

The study revealed that two thirds (68%) of consumers around book their travels and holidays online.When we looked at holidaymakers whose time away fell short of their expectations, the first reaction for 42% was posting a negative review, followed by trying to get a refund (40%) and complaining to a licensing body (35%).This puts the imperative on providers to match customer expectations, since almost half (47%) of consumers said they read the reviews as a way of vetting travel sites.

Broader use of the internet for purchases

Three quarters (75%) of consumers also use the internet to look for discounted goods for their getaway, with over half (55%) seeking discount clothes and shoes and over half (53%) looking for tickets for events at their destination.However, of those seeking discounted products online, almost 10% report they have bought something online that turned out to be fake ? with clothing and shoes (33%) and sunglasses (28%) cited most often.

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