Going into 2017: the ever-popular Monarchy

The British Monarchy has retained its popularity going into 2017.

Two thirds (65%) of UK adults think Britain should continue to have a monarchy in the future. Only 19% hoped that Britain would become a republic at some point in the future, the lowest proportion seen in the four waves of this study.

Seven in ten (70%) think Britain is perceived more positively abroad because of the Monarchy, and a further 65% think there is still a place for the Monarchy in modern Britain.

Only 27% thought that the Monarchy is a meaningless institution, down slightly from 30% in August 2015.

The Queen is seen as dedicated and hard working.

The three most common words or phrases Britons†use to†describe the Queen are ?dedicated? (39%), ?hard working? (36%) and ?traditional? (34%).


This was mainly†driven by†older Britons (aged 55+), who are almost three times as likely to describe Her Majesty as dedicated as those aged 18 to 34 (57% vs 21% respectively). On the other hand, the younger generation are†more likely to describe the Queen as traditional (40% vs 25% respectively), or less flatteringly, old fashioned (20% vs 7% respectively).