Generation ‘S’ocial

How has the introduction of social media influenced the working lives, aspirations and ambitions of 18-30 year olds?

Those aged 18-30 are the first generation who have begun their careers at a time when social media is a prevalent force in society, and for the purposes of this article and wider context we have dubbed them ?Generation S?. But what effect is social media and the digital world having on young people?s employment prospects, development and careers?

At Opinium, we?re interested in what this unique generation think, feel and do, so we took a deep dive into their hearts and minds, speaking to those aged 18-30 about their use of social media, and compared their attitudes to their career and employment with other generations. We also talked to three young business owners who have used social media to launch their brand. The effect of social media upon Generation S is very apparent: it has changed everything from who they look up to, how they learn and their attitudes to entrepreneurialism.

It also allows them to more easily express themselves and connect with others who have the same interests as them. These two elements allow them to explore their hobbies and now more than ever, to make money from them. As many existing online YouTube stars and online/social media businesses illustrate: expressing yourself online and indulging your passions is something that can earn you a living.

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