Future Trends Report 002

Together with The Akin, we have conducted our bi-annual Future Trends Report, with an international survey of†2,000 online Changemaker interviews (early adopters engaged with technology, culture and politics aged 18-45). The report†looks at the global drivers and macro trends affecting Changemakers.†

We define the future on a daily basis through our actions and emotions. We want our lives to be inspiring and happy. We want to move freely and to define ourselves freely. However, this mandate can be stifling, leading to contradictory consumer behaviours and attitudes. Progress is not linear ? trends and counter-trends exist simultaneously. The report explores these dichotomies to aid and facilitate brands in navigating a challenging landscape where systemic change is upon us.†

In the report, we have taken six predictions from the 2017 report and analysed how they have developed during the last year.

The 6 key trends are:


  • Enlightenment: people are finding balance and meaning.
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  • Patience: waiting becomes the ultimate luxury as dedicating time to things that matter.
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  • Empathy: people are realising the responsibility and consideration of being human.
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  • Obscenity: people are holding up a mirror to culture and seeing some gross reflections.
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  • Complicity: people are realising they have more power within the system.
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  • Contradiction: people are accepting that sometimes apathy is the only solution.

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