Top Gun, Harry Potter and Stranger Things are Americans’ most coveted franchise-based video games

New research by Opinium US has revealed the top 10 movies and TV shows that US adults would like to play as video games – with Top Gun, Harry Potter and Stranger Things coming in top.

Exploring the world and interacting with favourite characters are key reasons why

The top reasons listed why US adults are keen to play video games based on movies and TV shows are that they can experience storylines that differ from the existing movie or show (45%), explore the expanded universes of their favorite franchises (44%), and interact with their favorite characters (44%).

Star Wars is the most played movie franchise game

Star Wars tops the list of movie franchise video games played by Americans, with almost a fifth (18%) having played games based on Star Wars movies such as Battlefront, LEGO Star Wars and Jedi: Fallen Order. Meanwhile, 17% have played Batman video games, and have played games based on Marvel’s Spiderman.

Males and younger audiences most likely to have played movie franchise games

Nearly all US gamers (94%) have watched big movie and TV franchises in the last decade, with half (45%) having also played a franchise-based video game – with males more likely to play than females (58% vs. 33%), and younger generations more likely to play than others (71% among 18-34s, compared to 55% of 35-54 year olds and 17% among those aged 55 and over).

Giulia Prati, Vice President Research at Opinium US, comments:

“The video gaming industry is now one of the most successful creative industries out there, so it’s no wonder that popular shows and movie franchises are diversifying into this genre. There’s clearly appetite among gamers for this, and so it will be interesting to see how different studios and production companies try to maximise their intellectual property through the medium of video games in the future.”