Consumers hopes for the next six months

Consumers hopes for the next six months

Consumers hopes and fears drive their behaviours – so what can we expect for the next six months?

Ten months ago when asked to select our one main hope, a quarter of us hoped for good or improved health for ourselves and our families, however, fast forward to the September 2011 wave of the Opinium Hopes and Fears survey and it’s quite clear that the economic climate has had a severe effect on our collective outlooks for the next six months.

With the cost of living cruising to 5.2% during September, and predictions that it will hit 5.5% in October, driven by the soaring price of essentials such as heating and lighting, petrol and food, economists have warned that consumers will tighten their belts and there will be a major squeeze in consumer spending which could tip the economy into a double dip “stagflation” recession.

After asking 2,023 consumers to select all of their main hopes for the next six months we gave them a chance to tell us what their number one main hope is for the next six month period.

In December 2010 when asked to select their one main hope, 25% of consumers hoped for good or improved health for themselves and their families. However this time round, given one main hope to choose from, consumers have changed their minds and are now most hopeful that their financial situation will improve in the next six months.

This is surely not surprising, and is concrete evidence that consumers, now tired of weathering these tough economic times, are placing their own financial situation firmly at the top of their priority list for the next six months.

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Opinium Research carried out the first wave of Hopes & Fears research among an online nationally representative sample of 2,013 UK adults aged 18+ between 17th and 20th December 2010.

The second and most recent wave was carried out amongst an online sample of 2,023 UK adults aged 18+ from 9th to the 12th September 2011.

Results for this survey have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.

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