Choice in the Energy Market

To ensure Britain reaches its goal for Net Zero, customer behaviour and engagement with energy will have to change.

Our research for Uswitch explores how we as customers look at energy choices now and what needs to change in our views to make future reforms successful. This research looks at areas that will bring changes to customer lives in the near future in the drive towards Net Zero – adoption of Electric Vehicles, electrification of heat and the increased use of renewable energy, all through a lens of energy management and choice in tariff (especially the adoption of Time of Use). The key takeaway from this research is that there is a lot of work to do to bring all customers on board the Net Zero journey.

This report highlights not only the differences between the customer groups, as per Ofgem’s customer segmentation, but within those groups as well, especially when it comes to attitudes towards energy in the future. It shows that the choices customers will have to make will be very individual and have to be made in free will to ensure everyone is accepting the transition to Net Zero. The other common thread amongst those interviewed was that they cannot accept changes they do not understand.

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