Chancellor not trusted to deliver an achievable budget

More than half of the British public (54%) do not believe Philip Hammond will deliver an achievable Budget that has the right balance of taxation and spending, according to polling conducted by Opinium† for †reputation consultancy Lansons. Just 26% currently have faith in his ability to announce realistic measures in the Budget today.

A third (34%) would like to see taxes and borrowing increase, so more can be spent on public services. This view is supported by the fact almost half (47%) think NHS funding should be the priority for the Budget ? followed by Brexit (18%) and housing (9%).

The specific measures Brits most want to see included or addressed in the Budget include:


  • Further increase to NHS funding ? 57%
  • t

  • Introduction of higher stamp duty for foreign home buyers ? 30%
  • t

  • Continuation of the freeze on fuel duty ? 27%
  • t

  • Preparations for Brexit by making it easier for businesses to invest and save funds ? 25%
  • t

  • Allow local councils to borrow more money to build more homes ? 19%
  • t

  • End to the restraints on public spending – 18 %

See the full data tables here