A groundbreaking approach to safeguard human rights

The Need

During the UK’s departure from the EU, Amnesty International UK (AIUK) needed to campaign to safeguard human rights legislation.

To do this, the organisation needed to understand which messages would be most powerful and with which audiences.

Our Approach

We began with qualitative Pop-Up Community exploring general attitudes to human rights and the EU.

We then used quantitative motivational mapping to assess similarities between arguments in favour of human rights and their likelihood to predict support.

We also worked closely with the AIUK legal team to develop realistic scenarios that revealed underlying preferences and priorities.

Finally, we used a follow-up Community to test messaging developed as a result of the first two stages.

“Opinium’s mixed methodology gave us multiple new insights on key challenges. As a result of the research and our collaboration, we not only have a greater understanding of public attitudes, but compelling campaign materials founded on rigorous insight.”

The Outcome

By fusing disparate techniques from market research, psephology, and psychology, our groundbreaking research approach provided multiple new perspectives on AIUK’s objectives.

Our research was interwoven into the organisation’s development of a communications framework to safeguard our rights both during and after Brexit.  

The brand and communications team used the insights as the central tool in the development of campaign messages that were proven to resonate with target audiences and influence them to take action.

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