Brands struggle to capitalise on Rio 2016

As the closing ceremony is performed and we say goodbye to Rio 2016, some brands might be looking back scratching their heads.

The 31st Olympiad was a great success story for Sport, and Team GB can be rightly proud of their performance. But the brands that hoped to shine as well might not have cause to be as pleased.Most of the brands we tracked saw no movement in our Olympics 2016 Brand League Table compared with before the Games started, suggesting that the Olympics might not provide the best return on investment for marketing executives. The only brand to see a noticeable amount of positive movement was dfs, providing the much used sofas on TV:OP7004 Brand League Table End of the GamesSteve Looney, head of brands and communications at Opinium, said: ?Compared to our tracking of Euro 2016, our brand league table for the Olympics has remained fairly stable with few brands being able to capitalise on connections to Rio 2016, or the ultra-successful Team GB. dfs is sitting pretty, with a nice surge up the table from 17th to 13th, which is great news, but despite a phenomenally successful games for Team GB compared to a dismal Euro?s for England, brands found it easier to cash in during the Euro?s and so football looks a much stronger commercial bet for brands in terms of driving awareness.?