Brand expert view – Aldi

Aldi continues to take over the hearts and purses of the British public and, as a recent Aldi convert, I am really not surprised. As a brand it knows its audience and isn’t afraid to be different from competitors.

For many families who are now buying more food to eat and make at home, its low price point has clearly become a big selling point. If you can see a considerable difference in the price you are paying at the till it is going to make a difference. However, Aldi’s positioning is so much more than just price, it has managed to connect with its consumers on a number of levels. It was one of the first supermarkets to stock fresh local produce where possible and, as many consumers start to ask more questions about where their food has come from, this has ticked a big box for corporate responsibility.

Secondly the own brand products are really good. If any supermarket is going to persuade brand loyal customers to try its own products, then Aldi is the one. It has made of point of ensuring its own brand wine is a really good quality at a very reasonable price. For any discerning shopper who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality over price then it’s the place to head.

Pre-lockdown whenever I went to a friend’s for dinner, I couldn’t help noticing the Jo Malone candles were being swapped for Aldi’s Hotel Collection candles.

Furthermore, an absolute winner for Aldi is the ‘special discount aisle’ in the middle of the shop and from the sales it generates I don’t think I am on my own in thinking this. This is very clever marketing from Aldi: what looks like a random collection of ‘treat purchases’ similar to an adult version of a lucky dip is actually very well planned and seasonal. It’s lovely to be able to buy a treat for the children, the garden or your home.

During lockdown one of my favourite memes was…

Latest purchase limits placed on shops in light of the
Coronovirus due to panic buying:
ASDA: 2 hand sanitizers and a 4 pack of toilet rolls
TESCO: 1 hand sanitizer, 500g for rice and 4 pack of toilet rolls
ALDI: a MIG welder, a pink sports bra, 2 trumpets and a wet suit…

Aldi is prime example of how a foreign-owned company can quickly become a market leader and in a year when we face continued uncertainty in what we buy and how much we spend I can only see Aldi’s dominance continuing to grow.

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