Beauty & Covid-19: how social distancing is changing beauty rituals

Though many US states are tentatively starting to reopen businesses with myriad restrictions in place, the absence of a vaccine or cure for Covid-19 means the path to ‘normal’ will be a bumpy one, characterized by skittish consumers and start-stop attempts. To help beauty brands navigate this new landscape and better understand their customers in this unprecedented time, we surveyed consumers between April 9th and 15th, in peak lockdown, to understand their changing beauty habits and the psychology behind them in times of restricted social interaction.

As for many industries, the Covid-19 lockdown has created a unique set of conditions that allow us to test and better understand the behaviors and thought patterns of beauty consumers—a naturally-occurring experiment (that nobody wished for). Which beauty trends will endure, even accelerate, in the wake of the pandemic? And which will lose their footing? What can beauty brands do to keep their consumers engaged?

This report covers:

  • The shift from instant gratification beauty categories to longer term care
  • The degree to which beauty habits will bounce back post-pandemic
  • How young Americans are engaging with beauty products during the pandemic compared to older generations
  • What draws consumers to beauty products when they’re stuck at home
  • How beauty brands can think about future-proofing their offering in this uncertain time

Download the full report here: