Adapting and innovating: How charities move forward post-pandemic

COVID-19 and its lasting impacts have had a dramatic impact on the charity sector; from increased demand for their services to support the nation, to difficulty fundraising due to the loss of income of many, and social distancing preventing charity events from taking place.

However, despite this, we have seen charities show considerable resilience in adapting quickly and finding new and innovative ways of engaging with donors.

Following last year’s report ‘How do charities adapt to the impact of COVID-19’, where we looked at levels of support for the charity sector and how it was affecting fundraising, this year we wanted to follow up to see what the current situation looks like.

A year and a half on from the initial lockdown, how is the nation feeling about charitable giving, and what types of fundraising opportunities and ways of donating are going to best support charities’ ability to thrive in a sustainable way?

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked profound and lasting changes in how we interact with each other, and with organisations and institutions, and charities are certainly not exempt from this. While there is no quick fix, charities understanding the best ways that they can adapt to the changing needs and lives of their beneficiaries is vital to allow them to continue to thrive in doing what they do best – supporting those in need at a time that they need it most.

Key findings from the report:

Download the full report here: