Polling Results

UK: Public opinion on coronavirus – 1st July

The Tory lead remains at four points with both main parties dropping by two

The Conservative’s maintained their 4-point lead over Labour this week, with both parties again dropping by two points. The Conservatives are on 41% this week, down from 43% last week, while Labour is on 37%, down from 39% a week ago. The Lib Dems are two points up on 8% vs. 6% last week.

Coming out of lockdown too fast

53% believe the UK is coming out of lockdown too fast while 10% believe it is too slow and 26% believe it is happening at the right speed.

These are virtually identical to last week’s figures when 54% believed lockdown was being released too fast, itself an increase on 46% the week before.

Looking at the hospitality sector specifically, with restrictions on pubs and restaurants set to be lifted, 52% believe this is happening too soon, 24% happening at about the right time and 8% who believe it
is happening too late.

Part of this is down to government’s difficulties with establishing a viable test and trace system and approval for all of these areas remains very poor:

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