Polling Results

Political Polling ? 14th March 2017

Tories retain their 13 point lead in latest voting intention poll

The Conservative lead of 13 points over Labour has continued in†our latest voting intention poll. 41% (+1) would vote Conservative in†a general election tomorrow, 28% (+1) would vote Labour, 13% UKIP (-1) and 8% Lib Dem (n/c).

Leader Approval Ratings

What we saw from last month has remained more or less unchanged, with Theresa May retaining her net rating†of +17%* and Jeremy Corybn on a low -36%*.


Labour voters†have lost faith in the Labour leader over the past two months. Currently†just under half (48%) of†those intending to vote Labour approve of the way Jeremy Corbyn is doing his job, with one in four (26%) disapproving. This gives him a net approval rating of only +22% amongst his own voters, and down from an already low +33% in January.†


Full data and tables are available here.

*†After rounding.