Most Connected Brands US 2023

Now in its fifth year, Opinium’s Most Connected Brands Index is the first ever index to be compiled exclusively from consumer feedback. The Most Connected Brands Index (MCB) identifies – perhaps unsurprisingly – Amazon as the number one brand that consumers connect with, followed by Google at number 2. Both have retained the top two spots for 5 consecutive years. Walmart sits at 3rd place, followed by Apple having retained its spot as the fourth most connected brand for the second year in a row.

Opinium interviewed 6,000 consumers, collated 5,081 spontaneous brand mentions and facilitated 48,000 brand reviews to offer a robust and scientific way to unpick the intangible alchemy of brand connection.

The Most Connected Brands in the US are those that have succeeded in becoming indispensable to consumers’ daily lives. In an era of expanding customer expectations and constant competitive disruption, the Most Connected Brands are the ones that continually find new ways to connect with consumers in order to thrive and grow.

Top 10 Most Connected Brands in the US

Cost of living crisis

With inflation and the cost of living rising, it is no surprise that this year’s 3rd most connected brand amongst US consumers is bargain retailer Walmart, soaring up the list 19 places. It is likely that US consumers are seeking cheaper options against the backdrop of tough financial times, as discount grocery store, Kroger, also climbed the Index, rising 20 spots to become the 69th Most Connected Brand.

Comfort food connection

When it comes to connection, comfort may trump healthiness. The most connected food and beverage brands are Hershey’s (ranked 5th), followed by Coca-Cola (ranked 8th) and Lay’s (ranked 9th). Pepsi has also taken a giant leap in ratings, jumping 28 spots on this year’s index to occupy 12th place – giving Coca-Cola some healthy competition. In times of economic uncertainty, Americans appear to be turning to unhealthy food and beverages for comfort.

Balancing it out

With social media influencers encouraging fashion trends, it is not unexpected to see fashion brands such as New Balance, the 51st most connected brand, soaring in popularity by jumping 32 spots from the 2022 Index where the brand ranked 83rd. Once considered a ‘dad sneaker’, the rise of New Balance is likely to be attributed to the popularity of its lifestyle sneaker that has taken the fashion world by storm.

Driving change

Perhaps as a result of more people returning to the office, and public transport prices increasing in line with inflation causing a rise in demand for personal transportation, this year’s Index shows auto brands soaring up the rankings. Chevrolet climbed 43 places, positioning it as the 36th most connected brand, the biggest jump out of all brands on this year’s index. Other automotive brands have also moved up this year, with Honda climbing up the rankings 16 places, followed by Nissan (+11), Ford (+8) and Toyota (+5).

An interesting reversal from last year’s index which saw Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota falling down the rankings.

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