Most Connected Brands – Heinz (8th)

Not kicking the can

Heinz retains a spot in the Top 10 Most Connected Brands Index for the third year running, which really reflects the strength of feeling that consumers have towards this fantastic heritage brand.

Heinz is a brand that is well loved, and consumers know they can rely upon. As a result, they do so time, and time again. These sentiments are reflected in our data: Heinz is ranked fourth on Emotion and is the top-rated Food and Drink brand that consumers ‘couldn’t live without’. At a time of great uncertainty, its strong rating as a ‘brand that makes people smile’, coupled with its perception as ‘an iconic brand’, is also likely to stand the business in good stead.

Consumers’ love for the brand is based on the fundamentals of strong product performance. Heinz is ranked sixth in the Top 100 on its ability to ‘meet consumer needs’ – well ahead of many of the tech brands which offer tailored consumer experiences and service – and is, unsurprisingly, rated highly for delivering ‘great products and services’.

As one of the country’s most loved brands, Heinz also has the confidence to experiment. Stunt innovations such as their Creme Egg Mayo and partnerships with Ed Sheeran have seen Heinz embrace its playful side as the brand continues to grow
its connection with consumers and target a younger audience. It’s not all fun and games

Heinz products were one of the first things that disappeared off the shelf during the panic buying frenzy that engulfed our supermarkets. The brand’s response? If shoppers couldn’t get their products, then Heinz would take the products direct to the consumers.

In early April Heinz launched its first online shop “Heinz to Home”, delivering bundles of classic Heinz products with free delivery for frontline care workers direct to people’s homes, helping the public to keep safe and helping to lift the burden off the supermarkets. It was a response you would expect from a brand built on such emotional territory.

Although Heinz is therefore a brand that enjoys a cherished place in the public’s hearts, it does not take it for granted and works to retain that brand love and loyalty.

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