We’re delighted to be partnering with our friends from Demos to bring you another fantastic round of Fantasy Politics this Party Conference season.

2016 has had its fair share of political twists and turns: in the space of the last few†months alone we?ve seen the Brexit result, a Labour leadership challenge and, of course, a new Prime Minister.

As we approach this year?s party conference season, you have the chance to prove yourselves once again. Demos Fantasy Politics is back for its fourth season. In this roller coaster year, who can truly say that they know politics?

Demos Fantasy Politics lets you select a dream-team of up to eight MPs: four from Labour and four from the Conservatives. You score points in a series of†conference-based categories. Media coverage and social media mentions are rewarded, while embarrassing gaffes and tiresome clichÈs will be suitably punished.

Most people don?t pay much attention to politics, and when they do it?s often through the filter of asking that friend or family member who does follow it. With that in mind, Opinium have recruited a 500-strong panel of political geeks and enthusiasts, the kind of people who have that sort of outsized influence in their social circle. We?ll be talking to them each day of the conferences to ask which MPs have caught their attention and how the key messages have gone down.†

The deadline for entering your team before Labour Party Conference is Saturday, 24th September (before the leadership result is announced).

Don?t forget to keep up with the latest gossip and score updates by following @OpiniumResearch,†@CCadywould and†@AlexGPorter on Twitter, using the #FantasyPolitics hashtag. And if you?ll be at the party conferences, make sure you check out the†full Demos events programme here.

Best of luck!